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Integrity Building is a Wilmington-based business dedicated to providing high-quality services for our community. We are licensed and insured and perform reroofing, which can dramatically enhance the look of our customers' homes. We have an impressive team that brings 40 years of collective experience. Our roofers have seen it all. No matter the scope of your project, our professionals are up to the task! 

We stay on top of industry standards while delivering exceptional work to meet or exceed expectations. At Integrity Building, we prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else. That means really listening to their needs and wants and working hard to make their dreams a reality with a beautiful roof. 

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Do You Need Reroofing?

Your roof may be showing signs of wear and tear, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's time for a total replacement. You may want to consider a reroof instead. With this method, new shingles are laid on top of the existing ones. 

Before deciding between replacing your roof or reroofing, it's important to consider your needs, timeline, and budget. Reroofing is more budget-friendly than a new roof because you won't have to remove your current roof or start from scratch, and reroofing requires fewer materials and resources. Reroofing isn't ideal if your roof is visibly worn out and damaged. If it is, you'll need to get a complete replacement. 

But fret not. Whether new materials can be overlayed on top of existing ones or you need a new roof, Integrity Building has got you covered. Reach out to our Wilmington reroofing professionals to discuss your options.

What Can You Expect During a Reroof?

The reroofing process starts with an initial inspection of your current roof. This is done to identify areas of damage that need extra attention, such as missing tiles or shingles or water damage. 

Once the initial step has been completed, you and our roofers can discuss your options and the project scope. Once we get your approval to proceed with the work, we can start planning a timeline for the job, including when materials will arrive and how long it will take to complete. 

Finally, we can begin production, which includes prepping your current roof and laying out the new materials. 

Reroofing can significantly improve your roof's appearance and provide additional protection against the elements, such as UV rays, wind, hail, and leaks.

What Are the Benefits of Reroofing?

Reroofing can offer a range of benefits to any homeowner looking to upgrade their current roof. Not only does this method improve the look of your home, but it can also help to increase its property value. 

Plus, it provides superior protection from water damage and extreme temperatures, ultimately safeguarding the interior of your house. 

In addition, reroofing can help increase energy efficiency and save you money compared to getting a brand-new roof. 

Moreover, it saves you time as removing the old roof is unnecessary, meaning a quicker completion! 

All in all, reroofing can be an excellent decision if you're looking for an efficient way to extend your existing roof's life.

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Reroofing is a great way to breathe new life into an old roof. By taking advantage of our Wilmington reroofing services, you can give your home a facelift without paying for an entire roof replacement. In addition, re-covering your roof can save time and money while extending its lifespan. Our experienced roofers are here to facilitate a smooth process from start to finish.

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