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How Do You Choose The Right Ventilation for Your Roof?

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Your roof is made of multiple functional elements that work together to protect your home. One of the crucial elements of your roofing is ventilation. Proper ventilation ensures that your roof is aerated to prevent mold build-up and damage to your shingles. Roofing ventilation comes in different types, and choosing suitable ventilation is crucial to ensure your roof stays in the best condition. 

Here is how you can choose the proper ventilation for your house.

Consider passive roof vents

When you look at roofing ventilation, when restoring or installing a new roof, you will get to know that roofing ventilation comes in two main categories. One is passive roof vents. These vents use natural elements like the wind to push air and humidity out of the attic. They don’t use a motorized fan. There are various types of passive roof vents:

  • Ridge vents: They are designed to look like asphalt shingles as they are installed along the roof’s peak. Ridge vents promote even air distribution and are highly effective in preventing mold and mildew growth. 
  • Low-profile vents: Also known as louvered vents, these are added to the rear end of the home to preserve the aesthetics of your house. They suck out air from a localized area, so you need to install multiple vents to ensure your entire home is covered.

Powered roof vents

In contrast to ridge vents, powered roof vents need a power source to work. They are usually run on electricity or solar energy. The fans in these vents effectively remove humidity and hot air from your home, decreasing the need for air conditioning and heating. Thus enhancing the energy efficiency of your house. However, they are not effective without a power source.

Choose a reputable roofing company

Choosing the right roofing contractor in Wilmington, NC, is as crucial as choosing the right vent for your home. A professional roofing contractor like Integrity Building Companies can help you select the proper vents for your home and install them properly. They can also ensure adequate ventilation in your attic and give you tips to maintain your vents and roofing system.

Benefits of having a roof vent

There are several benefits of having vents on your roof. The most prominent ones include:

  • Prevents rot: Roofs collect humidity and need fresh air to remove it. Vents let in the fresh air. Not doing so creates an ideal environment for the build-up of mold, fungi condensation, and rot. Hence, minimizes the need for roof repairs.
  • Enhances the lifespan: The roof of your life is extended by having vents as it prevents damage by humidity, dampness, and mold. 
  • Enhances energy efficiency: Vents reduce the need for excessive cooling during summers by removing humidity and air inside the house.
  • Prevents ice damage: Ice damage occurs when water freezes on your roof for a long period during winters. Having vents prevents that from happening.

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