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Poor or no insulation in your roof can significantly increase your monthly utility bills. With the proper insulation, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money every month. Wilmington is no stranger to environmental damage caused by hurricanes and fires. Ignoring your roof after these incidents can lead to more severe problems that affect the long-term stability of your roof and building. However, Integrity Building wants to help with a complimentary roof inspection that can identify problem areas and monitor the structural integrity of your roof. 

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Types of Roof Insulation

There are various ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency with roof insulation. Our team can help find the perfect kind of insulation that matches your budget while having the highest R-value. 

Common types of roof insulation include:

  • Spray foam: This is a polyurethane or latex spray applied to the underside of your roof. Not only does this have a higher R-value than other options, but it also seals cracks and blocks moisture from entering your building. This may be costly to use throughout your attic, but it can be used sparingly in areas vulnerable to moisture, like around vents and chimneys.
  • Batt: This insulation is a “blanket” made of fiberglass and has various R-values. This low-cost option is also moisture resistant but not DIY friendly as it can cause skin, eye, and lung irritation.
  • Rigid board: This is commonly used in the walls of your building and can have various R-values. This is an excellent choice for DIY solutions or a smaller attic, as it can take a lot of time to cut these boards to size.

Our experts can help you decide which type of insulation is best for your home and budget. Roof insulation is worth the investment as it reduces heating and cooling loss so that you can save money on your monthly electricity bill.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

When your roof is damaged by severe weather, fire, or smoke, it can create problems throughout the building, such as rot that affects the stability of the entire structure. If a disaster has left your roof in poor condition, let Integrity Building help with our expert roof insulation and restoration services in Wilmington.

When a fire affects your home, it can weaken the beams that support your roof, potentially causing it to cave in. Or it can experience significant shingle damage that leaves your roof susceptible to the weather and leaks. We’ll begin with an assessment to determine what materials need to be removed or thoroughly cleaned. Smoke and soot left in your home can cause long-term damage to materials and your health, so quality cleaning is required for comprehensive removal.

Wilmington is no stranger to the effects of a hurricane on our community. This includes water damage that erodes shingles and creates leaks that cause wood rot or fungal growth. This can be detrimental to the strength of the entire building. Signs of water damage include missing flashing or shingles and leaks around vents or chimneys. When ignored, this can create a sagging roofline and a cave-in.

Integrity Building is available 24/7 with same-day appointments if you notice any problems with your roof. We’re here for you when you need us the most so your family can stay protected.

Don’t let environmental damage destroy your roof! We’re here to help with expert roof insulation and restoration services in Wilmington. Contact us at (910) 212-4009 to schedule a free estimate.

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