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Fixing Issues with Your Roof

Have you been concerned about the state of your roof? Integrity Building is here to help. We are a local, trusted roof repair service provider based in Fort Myers. Our team doesn't take our reputation or your roof lightly. We prioritize safety, which is why we are licensed and insured, and all our roofers have extensive training. With over 40 years of collective experience among our team, you can trust us to do quality work with care. Listening to your needs allows us to develop repair solutions tailored for you and your budget. When you call us for a roof repair, we will not just get the job done; we will do a thorough job and ensure everything is completed correctly.

To schedule a Fort Myers roof repair service, please contact us at (910) 212-4009 today.

Do You Need a Roof Repair?

Roofs tend to be very durable, but like all other things, even the best will experience issues. It helps to know what signs to look for that may indicate that you need a roof repair. Water leaks, a sagging roof, and even light shining in through your attic can suggest that you need a professional to take a look. If you're noticing problems with your roof, don't hesitate to get them checked out. Call Integrity Building right away. A timely repair could save you hassle and money down the road.

Common types of roof repairs include the following:

  • Flashing: This type of repair is essential for keeping your roof in good condition, as it seals out moisture and prevents further damage.
  • Shingle or tile replacement: This kind of repair often involves removing the old material and replacing it with new ones, installing felt paper underneath for extra protection.
  • Leaks: Usually, the source of a leak can be traced to broken or missing shingles, cracks in the flashing, or worn-out sealant.
  • Ventilation: Ensuring adequate ventilation on a roof is essential in preventing damage or deterioration. Repairs might include replacing missing or broken shingles, adding additional intake vents, installing ridge vents, and sealing gaps.
  • Sagging: A sagging roof can be caused by various factors, such as inadequate support or damaged trusses. Repairs may include reinforcing or replacing damaged trusses, adding additional support beams, or bracing rafters and beams.

What Can Damage Your Roof?

Many people don't think about their roofs until a problem arises. Still, it's essential to know what can damage your roof to detect issues before they get out of control.

Below are some of the many things that can lead to roof damage:

  • Branches: Fallen or overhanging branches can cause significant damage to a roof. The weight can create holes or cracks in the roof material.
  • Debris: If left unchecked, accumulated debris can create water pooling, leading to roof material rotting. Additionally, debris can provide a habitat for pests and an environment for moss and mildew growth.
  • Animals: Wildlife, such as birds and squirrels, can cause significant damage to a roof. These animals can peck through the surface and create holes that let water into the structure.
  • High winds: Powerful winds can lift shingles from the roof's surface and expose the underlaying structure to water and rot. Additionally, high winds can cause branches or other debris to fall on the roof.
  • Rain: Powerful rain and flooding can accumulate on top of the roof and increase its weight, causing it to collapse.

When it comes to roof repairs in Fort Myers, you don't necessarily have to replace the entire thing! If only a section needs work, our professionals can examine the area and advise on effective fixes. It could be anything from patching up a few shingles to more in-depth structural repairs. Investing in this kind of job is an economical way to save your roof and avoid replacing it entirely. 

Set up an appointment for a roof repair by calling Integrity Building at (910) 212-4009 or by contacting us online. We offer a complimentary roof inspection.

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