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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a New Roof

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a New Roof

Getting a new roof is an important step for any homeowner; it adds value and protection to your home. However, there are some common mistakes that homeowners tend to make when planning for their new roof—and knowing what these mistakes are ahead of time can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Here’s our list of six common mistakes you should avoid when getting a new roof:

1. Neglecting Proper Preparation

Before installing a new roof, it’s essential to properly prepare the space by removing any existing materials or debris that may be present on the surface. If any part of the preparation process is overlooked or neglected, this could lead to additional problems. So it’s best to hire an experienced professional, like our team at Integrity Building Companies, who can guarantee proper prep work before starting any installation.

2. Skipping Caulking And Sealing

Caulking and sealing protect roofs from standard wear and tear over time. Skipping out on caulking/sealing can expose roofs to moisture, making them susceptible to damage later down the road - so always remember these crucial steps during installations (or repairs).

3. Ignoring Underlayment & Flashing

Underlayment and flashing are two components needed when installing a brand new roof as they help protect against water accumulation and UV rays - ensuring everything stays intact over extended periods! By ignoring either component during an installation job (or forgetting about them altogether), homeowners open themselves up to potential financial loss due to expensive repair costs further along.

4. Overlooking Maintenance & Cleaning

An improperly maintained rooftop can quickly become hazardous. Ensure your rooftop stays clean throughout its lifespan by regularly performing necessary inspections (at least twice per year) and cleaning off debris after every significant storm event passing through; both efforts will help extend its longevity and prevent unnecessary hassles in future years too!

5. DIY Installations

DIY installations can be tempting if you’re looking to save money upfront, but installing a new roof is much more complicated than most people think. Furthermore, having a professional team install your roof will ensure that all steps are taken correctly and safely, so you don’t have to worry about potential accidents while working alone.

6. Not Consulting With An Expert

You can find tutorials online or read up on how-to videos for various installation projects. Still, seeking out expert advice from professionals in the field is different. Roofers understand the ins and outs of what it takes for an installation job to be done right, so their expertise should be noticed before and during any project involving roofs - especially since this is one area where small details can make huge differences!

Roofing Services in Wilmington

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