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A Step-By-Step Guide on the Solar Installation Process

With the rising concern for climate change, more and more US homeowners are considering installing solar panels in their homes. Solar panels provide a clean energy source for your home and reduce energy bills significantly. However, for your solar system to work correctly, you need to get it installed the right way. Hiring the right solar installation company ensures that your solar panel is installed properly and lasts longer.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right solar installation company. 

Opt for a locally owned company

When choosing a solar installation company, the first option should be a locally owned company as they’re more readily available. They are also aware of local laws, electrical codes, and other legislatures. Hence, your best bet will be a locally-owned full-service solar company in your area with an excellent reputation.

Integrity Building Companies LLC is one of the best solar panel installation companies in Wilmington neighborhoods and nearby counties.

Look for excellent customer support 

You don’t want to chase after the company for every minor repair and maintenance issue as a customer. Hence, it is always best to check whether the company you are going with has good reviews, testimonials, and customer feedback. Also, ask them how you can reach out if you face any troubles with your solar panel. 

Ask for estimates

When you talk to different solar installation companies, don’t forget to ask them for estimates. Any good solar installation company won’t have any issues giving you an estimate containing the breakdown of expenses and costs. It will help you make better comparisons and choose a company that fits your budget. 

Check for license

When hiring a solar installation company, it is essential to check their license. Having a license from reputable government organizations like the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), Solar Trade Association (STA), or Renewable Energy Assurance Alliance (REAL), is a testament that the company has good experience and training in installing solar systems. This ensures that they’ll take all the safety measures while installing solar panels.

You should ask whether all their technicians are licensed practitioners as well. 

Ask for warranties

Always ask for warranties from your solar installation company when installing a solar system for your home or commercial property. Most reputable solar installation companies give around 20-25 years of warranty for the panels. On the other hand, the inverters don’t last that long, so you usually get a warranty of 10 years on them.

Request a home visit

Ask your solar installation company for a free inspection before the installation. Professional solar installation companies would be happy to visit to understand your energy requirements and know the wiring and installation space better. 

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