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7 Reasons Why Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned Regularly

solar panels on house roof

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners all around the world are understanding their benefits. Solar panels are environment-friendly and can save hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Many homeowners are installing solar panels in their homes now because of these very reasons. However, most people are unaware that solar panels need regular cleaning to function correctly. If you haven’t cleaned your solar panels in quite some time, ‌get it done immediately. 

Here’s why you need to do so.

Enhanced efficiency

Solar panels deteriorate when exposed to constant dust and impurities, much like every other machine. Cleaning your solar panels ensures ‌they stay in good condition. Studies show that cleaning solar panels improves their efficiency by almost 21% in residential properties.

Warranty condition

Most solar panel manufacturers specify regular cleaning as a condition in their warranty terms. In case there are any issues with your solar panels before the warranty period runs out, you won’t be able to claim it if you don’t fulfill the conditions for the warranty. So get your solar panels cleaned regularly and if you are utilizing cleaning services from professionals, keep the receipts as proof.

Increases durability

Cleaning your solar panels removes dirt, chemicals, sand grains, and other substances from your solar panel. If left unkempt, these materials can degrade your solar panel, making it more prone to damage. Keeping it clean increases the life span of your solar panels.

Enhances the aesthetic appeal

Solar panels on your rooftop are easily visible, and dirt-covered collar panels are not a pleasing sight for anyone. If you want to enhance the appeal of your roof and your home, you need to clean the panels regularly to ensure that they look their best.

More inspection opportunities

Whenever you take the time to clean your solar panels, you can also check for any damages. If any damage is caught early during inspections, you can fix it before it turns into a costly repair.

Improve your ROI

Solar panels don’t come cheap. However, most homeowners understand that they get a return on investment in the form of decreased energy bills and increased home value. If you don’t clean your panels at regular intervals, however, their efficiency will decrease, decreasing this ROI.

On the other hand, clean panels are more efficient and help recover your costs quickly, post which, they turn into savings.

Rain doesn't clean them

Many homeowners leave the cleaning of panels to the rainwater. However, rainwater does not clean your panels. It is essential to clean them manually to maintain their quality.

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